NY: Husband, Wife Steal Info From Lenox Hill Hospital Emergency Room Patients, Spend Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars at Saks: Prosecutors

NBC reports:

A husband-and-wife pair have been arrested for allegedly stealing the personal information of dozens of Manhattan hospital patients to take control of their bank accounts and buy hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise at luxury retailers like Saks Fifth Avenue, authorities say.

Kyle Steed, 30, who was employed at Lenox Hill Hospital at the time of the thefts, allegedly stole the information of more than 80 emergency room patients between January 2014 and February 2015. According to court documents, he allegedly provided the stolen records to his wife, Krystle Steed, also 30, who allegedly used the data to take over customer credit card accounts at Bank of America and American Express through a variety of methods, including the impersonation of legitimate account holders.

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