NY: Key Bank customers warned of ID thefts

WIVB in upstate NY has a report that hints that while Key Bank is saying that reports of ID theft are not linked to any breach of their systems, they may be the source of the problem:

Town of Tonawanda Police are warning Key Bank customers their accounts may have been compromised.

Authorities say in the last two weeks, they have fielded numerous identity theft complaints. All of the cases involve Key Bank accounts.

A representative for Key Bank told News 4 reporter Emily Guggenmos that the breach occurred at a fast food chain in western New York. However, police noted that all of their complaints came from customers of Key Bank. And News 4 has found at least one identity theft victim who does not visit fast food restaurants and also has a Key Bank account.

Police say Key Bank customers should check their accounts to make sure they have not been compromised. If you notice any issues, contact your branch directly.

So what’s really going on here? If anyone sees a follow-up, let me know, please.

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