NY: Nurse took patient info to new employer (and no, it’s not the Jacobi Medical Center breach)

For the second time this week, we learn that a departing employee took information to their new job. First it was the Jacobi Medical Center case, where the employee’s motives were reportedly innocent: she wanted the information in case she ever had to follow-up on work she had done. Now it’s the University of Rochester Medical Center, where a departing employee reported similar motives, but her new employer used the information to recruit patients to their practice. Patti Singer reports:

The University of Rochester Medical Center notified more than 3,000 patients that some of their personal information recently was shared with a local neurology practice without the individuals’ authorization.

URMC sent letters to 3,403 patients in the neurology department to tell them that a nurse practitioner who announced she was leaving for a private practice shared a list of patient names, addresses, gender, date of birth and diagnosis with her new employers, Greater Rochester Neurology.

Read more on Rochester Democrat & Chronicle.

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