NY: Students’ bank accounts compromised because of vendor ticketing software breach affecting colleges nationwide (UPDATED)

Prakriti Panwar reports:

Almost a month after attending a concert at Cornell University featuring Beach Bunny — a popular alternative rock band — on Jan. 28, several Ithaca College students’ credit and debit card information was breached and varying amounts of money were stolen.

On Feb. 24, Information Technology at Cornell University released a security alert informing students that Cornell’s ticketing software partner and vendor, AudienceView, experienced a platform breach that affected ticket buyers beginning in February and some buyers are still losing money because of the breach.

Read more at The Ithacan.

Note that this is not an isolated report. To the contrary, AudienceView is used nationwide and there have been reports of credit card compromise already at numerous colleges.

As background: on  February 21, AudienceView discovered a malware intrusion had resulted in the exfiltration of consumers’ credit card information. In notifications sent to those affected, AudienceView wrote, “The investigation determined that between February 17, 2023, and February 21, 2023, certain individuals’ information may have been subject to unauthorized access and acquisition.”

Update:  AudienceView reported this breach to the Maine Attorney General’s Office as affecting a total number of 13,045 people.

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