NY: Suit Planned Over Photo of Slain Woman

John Annese of the Staten Island Advance reports:

The distraught parents of a strangled West Brighton woman say they’re planning to sue everyone they feel is responsible for a photo of their daughter’s corpse making its way onto the Internet — including the EMT accused of posting the picture on his Facebook.com profile.

Martha and Ronald Wimmer — the parents of 26-year-old Caroline Wimmer, who was slain on March 28 inside her Greenleaf Avenue apartment — plan to file a lawsuit against former Richmond University Medical Center EMT Mark Musarella, the hospital, and Facebook, according to their lawyer, Ravi Batra of Manhattan.


In an interview with the Advance last night, Ms. Wimmer’s mother focused most of her anger on Musarella, a retired detective with the NYPD’s Emergency Services Unit.

“Her being murdered, we had to accept that. I don’t have to accept what this idiot, this piece of slime on the earth, did,” Mrs. Wimmer said.

Multiple sources have told the Advance that Musarella, who responded to the murder scene, snapped a picture of Ms. Wimmer’s body, then put the photo on his private Facebook.com page. As sources tell it, one of Musarella’s friends on the social networking site spotted the photo and contacted hospital officials, who promptly fired him and informed the NYPD.

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