NY: Town of Brookhaven data breach ‘was clerical error,’ officials say

Deon J. Hampton reports:

Brookhaven Supervisor Edward P. Romaine on Thursday handed off an investigation into the inadvertent online posting of personal information to the town’s law department — the same unit that made the mistake.


Town officials did not release the name of the employee who mistakenly made public the Social Security numbers of 78 ambulance workers and beneficiaries. The information was attached to a resolution posted on the town website on May 30. The posting remained accessible on the town website for five days.


Eaderesto said the mistake was made last month when a law department employee failed to click on the “no public access” check box in the computer system that adds the information to the website. She said one person was responsible for checking the information in the past; now there will be three.

Read more on Newsday and/or NBC.

Alternatively, they could make the default “no public access” which might require people to think about whether there should be public access after reviewing the contents of an entire file.

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