NYC Dept. of Education email gaffe exposes 439 paraprofessionals’ SSN

Jim Hoffer reports:

New York City’s Department of Education accidentally sent out an email that had not just the names, but also the Social Security numbers of hundreds of employees.


“The attachment was a list of Department of Education para-professionals, exactly 439 names, first, last names and Social Security numbers,” the teacher’s assistant said.


The Department of Education has responded by saying, “This was an unacceptable error.”

They say they took immediate steps to address the situation and will pay to enroll every one effected in identity theft protection.

DOE says they are reviewing their policies to ensure this does not happen again.

Read more on WABC.

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  1. Indee One - February 24, 2017

    And yet, no official statement about this from the Chancellor or the Mayor about how this can be prevented in the near future.

    (The DOE’s computer systems at Central are archaic and have a lot of outdated features btw)

    • Anonymous - February 28, 2017

      Where was this email sent to and why? I am a Para rep at a school in district 26. Myself and my colleagues are very upset and concerned about this breach of personal information. My email is: [removed by site administrator- do not post personal information here]. Com

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