NYSARC Columbia County Chapter discloses ransomware incident in July

From their press release, issued yesterday:

On July 19, 2022, NYSARC Columbia County Chapter (“NYSARC”) detected irregular activity on their systems that was consistent with a typical ransomware attack.  Out of an abundance of caution, NYSARC immediately began to remediate the situation including disconnecting systems, engaging data security and privacy experts, contacting law enforcement, and simultaneously beginning an investigation.  Due to the complexity of the attack, the investigation is still ongoing; however, out of an abundance of caution, NYSARC is providing this notice.

Based on the information NYSARC generally collects and maintains, names, addresses, date of birth, social security number, and/or other state identification number may potentially be involved.  Limited health information for clients may also be impacted.  However, the investigation is ongoing and specific details as to what categories of information were involved are not yet available.   Note that this describes general categories of information collected and maintained by NYSARC, and it likely includes categories that are not relevant to each individual.  As soon as NYSARC is able, individual notification letters will be mailed to affected individuals with further details.


The investigation is ongoing and the identities of individuals who were individually affected, if any, is not yet known.

A copy of their full notice can be found on their website.

DataBreaches had contacted COARC on August 15 via email after seeing a claim by threat actors known as RedAlert on their dark web leak site. RedAlert had claimed that it had exfiltrated:

Employee data, SSN, DL, CC
Customer data, private contracts
Financial documents, bank statements, payrolls
Credentials to local and remote devices
And more…

COARC did not reply to DataBreaches’ inquiries at the time. RedAlert’s site, “Board of Shame,” does not currently display any entry or listing for COARC, although it did in August.

Nothing in COARC’s notice indicates that they paid any ransom. DataBreaches sent another email inquiry to COARC this morning to ask if they paid, and, if not, if they know why the listing was removed from RedAlert’s leak site. No reply has been received by publication.

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