NZ: 543 ACC privacy breaches since last year

Now what were folks saying about human error being the single biggest cause of breaches? And did anyone say how much human error was “acceptable” or to be expected? When does the public say, “This is too much?”

Brook Sabin reports:

The ACC  [Accident Compensation Corporation] is still breaching people’s privacy at an average rate of more than once a day, despite being told to get its act together after the Bronwyn Pullar scandal.

A 3 News investigation has revealed the corporation has been involved in more than 500 breaches over just seven months.


In May last year, there were 93 privacy breaches, and they’ve continued steadily each month, peaking at 104 in July. Through the later part of the year they continued, with around 60 to 80 a month – a total of 543 breaches since ACC was meant to get it all under control.

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