NZ: Card security breached in Qtown

Grant Bryant reports:

A spate of credit card scams has hit Queenstown.

The biggest scam was centred at the Man St parking building, but it was not the only scam to breach cardholder security in the resort this week.

People who had used their credit cards for payments were then later phoned by their card companies and notified that fraudulent transactions had taken place later in the day.

The Bank of New Zealand has now blocked credit card transactions outside New Zealand and Australia for customers who used credit cards at the parking building.

Kiwi Bank has put a hold on credit card accounts for about 17 of its customers who used the carpark.

BNZ external relations manager Erica Lloyd yesterday said the bank had hired a specialist fraud company to do a forensic audit of the carpark.

Full audit results would be known soon, but “skimming,” was ruled out because no device was attached to the machines.

“The audit results will offer a clear picture, but looks like the carpark had their data collection process compromised,” she said.

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