NZ: City council documents fly loose (UPDATED)

Shelley Robinson reports from Christchurch:

Thousands of city council documents filled with personal details, including bankruptcy and medical information, have been flying off the top of a soon to be demolished car parking building.

For weeks, people in the Re:Start Mall and surrounding blocks have been finding parking infringement notices from 2001 – 2003.

The source has been pinpointed to the top of the city council owned Lichfield car park building.

Read more on Stuff. The report doesn’t say what the council is doing about it all.

Update: Jody O’Callaghan and Shelley Robinson provide an update:

The documents, dating from 2001 to 2009, were stored at the top of the council-owned Lichfield St car park building.

The city council says the documents were locked up and blames a “criminal act” for their release. The council has notified police and the Privacy Commissioner of the breach.

Council facilities and infrastructure director David Adamson last night said the storage closet had been secured.

Read more on Stuff.

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