NZ: Eel x-ray leak breached privacy

Curiosity is normal. Resisting the impulse to share an unusual case seems to exceed some professionals’ self-control, despite ethical prohibitions. Fairfax NZ News reports:

Auckland City Hospital staff are under the microscope after a patient’s privacy was breached when x-rays of an eel stuck up his bottom circulated the wards.

Auckland District Health Board (ADHB) chief executive officer Ailsa Claire said in a statement the hospital was taking the privacy breach “very seriously” and disciplinary action may be taken against staff.

The patient sought medical attention last month after the eel became lodged in his lower stomach.

Doctors at Auckland Hospital had to surgically remove the eel, hospital sources said.

The x-ray of the eel stuck in the man was the topic of hospital gossip after it was emailed out, in what was a major breach of the patient’s privacy.

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