NZ: Problem gamblers’ privacy breached when list tossed in footpath bin

Nancy El-Gamel reports on a breach that reminds us of how important it is that confidential records be kept, well, confidential:

The names and photos of 56 problem gamblers on a secret TAB list were stuffed into a public rubbish bin in Hamilton and found by a passer-by.

The 33 pages of private and confidential information list those who asked to be excluded from betting with the New Zealand Racing Board.

Among the names are well-known Waikato businessmen and -women and a sports personality who registered as having a problem between September 2011 and December 2014.

Some of those on the list spoken to are livid their details were not kept secure.

The list came from the Aleways Inn, the TAB outlet on Commerce Street, Frankton. Duty manager Wynell Harris admitted she decided to clean out the files and threw the old ones into the rubbish bin on the footpath in front of the outlet.

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