NZ: Stressed nurse fined $6k for 'snooping'

Maybe they report breaches differently in New Zealand, because a lengthy report by Rachel Young of The Press never seems to mention the district health board or hospital involved:

A nurse who snooped through multiple patient files has been fined $6000 for her ”serious abuse” of her role.

Mrs L breached privacy by inappropriately accessing electronic clinical records of patients on 19 occasions without authority over a period of nearly eight months in 2011.


In a decision released today, HPDT imposed a censure, a fine of $6000 and a condition that future employers were told of this decision for a period of two years from recommencing employment as a registered nurse.


Dew also ordered Mrs L to pay costs of $11,422 and granted permanent name suppression to all involved.

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Update: The Office of the Privacy Commissioner’s Twitter team kindly pointed me to this tribunal summary, which indicates that the name of the board was to be suppressed. Actually, all names and details were to be suppressed. I’m not sure why you need to suppress the name of the board if everyone’s names are suppressed, but…

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