NZ: Vodafone accidentally sent a customer personal details of 18 other accounts

Some incidents that would seem “smallish” here make headlines elsewhere. But that’s actually helpful, as it reminds us all that avoidable human errors continue to occur and that even big corporations who should have lots of money to dedicate to data security and protection still fail to avoid all breaches. 

Melanie Carroll reports:

A customer has alerted Vodafone to a privacy breach after she was sent personal details of 18 other customers.

On Vodafone’s Facebook page on Tuesday night, the customer said she had received “hundreds” of other people’s accounts and bills along with her own monthly bill.

Vodafone spokesman Sam Sinnott​ confirmed the telco had sent a PDF containing the name, address and phone numbers for 18 customer accounts to the woman along with her e-bill. The company believed it was a one-off breach.

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