NZ: West Coast health board in privacy blunder involving medical information

Joanne Naish reports:

The West Coast District Health Board (DHB) has been accused of breaching patients’ privacy after giving private medical information to the wrong person.

It is the second time the DHB has come under fire after documents containing information about hundreds of patients were found blowing around a Christchurch street in 2019.

Read more on Stuff.  These mix-ups, typically impacting two people — the one who requested the records and the person whose records were erroneously provided to the requestor — continue to be a big deal in New Zealand and get media coverage.

And they should. I think those of us in more populated areas may have become too blasé about these types of medical privacy breaches. Can you remember the last time OCR took any enforcement action against an entity for errors — or repeated errors —  of this kind?

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