OCSO tango down for Independence day attacks from Anonymous

UPDATES: OCSO Internet service provider has also been taken offline to prolong the server downtime for OCSO Tweet:

As a bonus to taking down ocso.com – Their internet provider, embarqservices.net , is currently also down. Happy 4th!

embarqservices.net taken offline operation orlando Well its, on 4th july one of the biggest days in America, we are set to see sites drop left right and center for hours at a time in a well coordinated attacks across a few operations. One operation being is the Well known Operation Orlando, the recent tango down target, Orange county sheriffs office website is dropping and hanging around in that state, From anonymous: > ocso.com – TANGO DOWN!. Happy 4th to the Orange County Sheriffs Office. Message: Stop arresting people for feeding our vets.

OCSO tango down proof

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