Official PERL Blogs hacked, 2,924 Author Credentials Leaked by ICR

perl_logo Today the Islamic Cyber Resistance (ICR) has announced a breach on the official Perl blogs ( The breach has seen 2,924 user account credentials published to as well as the blog having a deface page added but was not obtrusive to the actually website. blog-perl-org-deface In the release note posted by the hackers they state the attack has been done to show support for the Syria Electronic Army.

Islamic Cyber Resistance Hacked to Show Support Syrian People And SEA They Are Fighting Every Day and Every Night With Terrorist and Al-QAEDA

The leaked data is from the authors of the blog of which 2,554 have full credentials and 2363 are non duplicated out of that. Full credentials included user names, email addresses, encrypted passwords, websites and API passwords as well as other site/server related information. blog-perl-org-example With the passwords being encrypted it does still not really leave much security to those who have been breached which include administrators and owners from other big well known services or websites. At time of publishing it appears the admin are aware of the breach and the deface file has been removed.

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