Official Thailand Mcdonalds Hacked, User Credentials Leaked By Maxney

Turkish Agent Hacker Group member Maxney has been at it again targeting high profile fast food websites after last week’s attack on Pepsi Hungary which seen a 14 part leak that totalled over 50,000 user credentials being leaked. Today Maxney has contacted us again with an attack on Thailand’s McDonald’s website which has allowed them to gain access to the administration portal that controls orders, sales, mail and other aspects of McDonald’s online. The leak has been posted to pastebin with the a database dump from the "members" of the site which appear to be people who have entered competitions or registered for other reasons. The leaked data contains 1,901 personal details such as names, address, phones, emails and other related information. In the message that was sent to us it also explains that the website was using a weak password which pretty much anyone could guess.  like the "administrator" "password" combo.

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