Official Toyota UK Blog Hacked, Personal Information Leaked By @1923Turkz

toyota-uk The official Toyota news and information blog for United Kingdom has been been breached by Turkish hackers who use the handle 1923Turk. The site ( provides official Toyota information regarding the latest news announcement related to new vehicles, services information and new developments from Toyota UK. The attack has been announced from the hackers twitter account just now and posted to > DB Hacked… @cyber_war_news @ehackernews @pogowasright @hnbulletin @thehackersnews — 1923Turk (@1923Turkz) May 20, 2013

The leaked data posted to anon paste contains personal information of over 5000 people registered to the website which has left full names, home and business addresses and contact telephone numbers as well as users emails leaked online. A Majority of the information leaked belongs to marketing managers who have most likely registered with the site over the years its been active. This is not the first time a Toyota based site has been hacked and just adds another to a ever growing list of automotive based websites which have been breached in the past few years. The site was breached for "the lulz" and is currently running WordPress .5.1 which is known to be easy to exploit. The hackers have also posted a link to show the site is vulnerably to XSS. erayoxi The hackers have also recently leaked data from other breached websites such as Moscow State University Hacked and  Imperial College London along side over 230,000 defacement’s on Zone-h.

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