Official Vodafone Iceland Breach Contents Report & Breakdown

Earlier today the official Vodafone Iceland was breached, left defaced and a heap of data leaked from its servers. This report breaks down the contents of each of the files which contains over 70,000 user personal details as well as a heap fo administrator details and Icelandic equivalent of social security numbers. The leak comes from @AgentCoOfficial or otherwise known as Maxn3y who in the past has leaked data from electronic giants, fast food company’s, American city’s and even airports. File break down to file name, with notable table row names listed as well as counts of personal information located in each file. the MySQL file greind.sql appears to have a small log of sms history that’s dated 2011 as well as a sms logger.

SQL files

v2.sql Multi media database, nothing critical, 400K of user tracking and logging with user agents, refers etc. greind.sql sms history with what appears to be full text messages to a from numbers with timestamps, all dated 2011-08-19 SMS logger sender id, sms id, user ip, date. 900k rows of user contact details related to a SMS plan. users.sql user names, ids, encrypted passwords, email addresses, social security numbers, dates, bank details (alot is incomplete) 77,25 sso_vodafone.sql account managers details full names, phone numbers, email addresses. sms_history.sql and signup.sql explained above. ### XLS files

6stodvar_signup.xls kennitala (social security numbers), dates, ticket numbers, campaign ids(unknown campaign), email addresses count: 23,494 100mb_pakkar,xls id, code(unknown), msisdn, sms, timestamp(ts) count: 1001 aukalykill_signup.xls id, full name (nafn), kennitala(ssn), pnr, confirmed, date, ticket, email, senda, recivier. count: 4305 env_users.xls id, ipaddresses, user name, encrypted passwords, email addresses, first name, last name, phone, fax, reg date, last active, user level, notes count: 334 ev_users.xls id, school. login. clear text passwords, names, isadmin, active count: 18 gagnamaga_account.xls id, timestamp, ip, session id, social security numbers, email addresses count: 1491 registeration.xls id, phone, social security numbers, email addresses, tickets id, registration status, date, ip count: 1247 ris_site_users.xls user names, clear text passwords, names, email addresses and permissions count: 12 shop_order.xls cart_id, names, social security numbers, post codes, email addresses, credit card names, nulled credit card numbers and dates, sale amounts. count: 3086 signup_buika.xls real name, email addresses, company’s, chairman name. count: 31 survey_registration.xls id, content, date, email addresses count: 1929 um_clients.xls usernames,clear text passwords, active, company’s, full addresses, contact numbers, websites, nulled locations. count: 767 vodafonecup2010 user names, 5x full names, phone numbers, social security numbers count: 71 ris_world_zones.xls names, partner countrys, to iceland (nothing important) count: 10 shop_cart.xls session id and details encrypted, (nothing important) count: 49, 468 shop_cart_items.xls file name says all, nothing of importance here. shop_cart_plan file name says all, nothing of importance here.

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