Official Vodafone Iceland hacked and defaced with 77,000 accounts leaked

bastsmocqaacehv View full report of this leak here Today a hacker who uses the handle @AgentCorporatio has just announced a leak of data from Iceland’s official Vodafone server and site ( The leak has been announced from twitter just a short time ago and it has also resulted in a defacement of the main websites page and various other sub domains including the mobile site. domains The leaked data has been uploaded to speedy share and comes as a compressed 61.7MB rar file which is locked with password TURKISH. when uncompressed it contains the following files. capture The users.sql file appears to contains the 77,000 user accounts with user names, encrypted passwords as well as other encrypted information. hereOnce time permits i will do a full sweep of the leak to get a idea of exactly what is in it. At time of publishing defaces had been removed. see them here. View full report of this leak here

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