OH: Hackers hit $1.75 million from St. Ambrose Parish

Another victim of attackers who convinced the victim that a contractor’s bank account had been changed. This is the same type of fraud that a school district in Kentucky recently reported might have cost them $3.7 million. Now WKYC  reports:

BRUNSWICK, Ohio — Leaders at St. Ambrose Catholic Parish in Brunswick say hackers stole $1.75 million from the church that was earmarked for renovations.

In a letter to the parish, Fr. Bob Stec says last week he was contacted by the contractor asking why they hadn’t been paid for the past two months. Stec says the church believed they had been prompt with the payments and were shocked to learn the payments had not been received.

After investigating, the FBI and Brunswick police discovered hackers had infiltrated the parish email system and deceived church leaders into believing the contractor had changed their bank and wire transfer instructions to send the money to a fraudulent account.

Read more on WKYC.  Thanks to the reader who sent in this item.

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