Sep 192017

Medical Mutual of Ohio (Medical Mutual) is taking action after recently discovering that an email containing personal information belonging to a portion of its Medicare Advantage members was inadvertently sent to an incorrect email address.

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  3 Responses to “OH: Medical Mutual Provides Notice of Data Incident”

  1. Action? They tell us to take steps to cover their mistake after waiting 2 months before notifying us of violating HIPPA and medicare law.

  2. They tell us how to take steps regarding our credit but nothing on how to “stop the misuse of our medical records!” Did google search of Med Mutual of Ohio & this is not the first time this has happened! Plus, they had a manager who embezzled millions from them over a 16 year period! It looks like they have serious security issues.

    “Again, what do I do to stop the misuse of my medical records⁉️”

  3. Why doesn’t the company go back to 1970 and use PAPER and the United States Postal Service or even use Federal Express for delivery??? No, that will take billions out of their grimy pockets.

    They are violating my HIPPA and don’t care.

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