OH: N.E.O. Urology pays attackers $75,000 after ransomware attack

Corey Vallas reports N.E.O. Urology in Boardman, Ohio paid attackers $75,000 after their computer systems were encrypted by ransomware.

Police say the fax listed “Pay4Day.io” as the contact for further information.

Read more on WFMJ.

There is no notice on the medical practice’s web site as of the time of this posting, but it’s interesting that the practice decided to pay the ransom as it was losing $30k – $50k per day that it was unable to access its system. At that rate, it would have been much more costly not to pay the ransom — assuming (and it’s a big assumption) that: (1) the hackers provide a working decryption key and (2) they don’t come back and strike again.


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