OH: Personal documents found in desk could put former Talawanda High School students at risk

Bob Ratterman reports:

Talawanda School District officials are offering a year of credit protection to former Talawanda High School students whose personal information may have been left in a desk sold at auction Aug. 3.

A person who purchased a desk at the sale notified the district that it contained student information, including emergency medical forms from the 2004-06 marching band roster. Superintendent Kelly Spivey sent out a letter to those possibly affected by the problem, offering credit protection and outlining steps to take to protect credit information.

Read more on The Oxford Press.

My first thought as I started reading the story was, “Thank goodness for honest citizens who report discovery of breaches.” But read on and you learn that although the person who purchased the desk called the district to alert them, she reportedly refused to turn the medical forms over to the district. The district sought the assistance of the sheriff’s office, who obtained them and secure them pending a court hearing.

I can understand that some people may be reluctant to turn over evidence of a breach if they fear there might be a coverup, but I’m not sure what the desk buyer’s motivation was in this particular case.

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