OH: Thief Steals Patient Records; Hospital Investigates

Donna Willis reports:

Nearly two dozen medical records were stolen from a doctor’s car.

Parents questioned why the records were taken from the hospital in the first place.

NBC 4’s Lauren Diedrich GOT ANSWERS.

Diedrich went to Nationwide Children’s Hospital to find out how the incident happened, and the hospital said it was working to figure out that same answer.

Last week, Wendy Brown received a mailed letter from Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

The letter said one of the hospital’s doctor’s vehicle was broken into and her son’s medical record was one of the stolen items.

“I was really surprised to find out the doctor would carry around loose records. It wasn’t like in his laptop. It was his medical chart,“ Brown said.

The break-in happened at The Refectory restaurant on Bethel Road on the city’s North Side, according to police reports.

The hospital said 23 records were stolen and seven of those records included patients’ Social Security numbers.

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