Ohio Introduces Data Privacy Legislation

Kurt R. Hunt and Gregory A. Tapocsi of Dinsmore & Shohl LLP write:

On July 13, 2021, Ohio Lieutenant Governor John Husted announced the introduction of the Ohio Personal Privacy Act (OPPA), a comprehensive privacy framework following in the footsteps of recent legislative enactments in California (the CCPA as modified by the CPRA), Virginia (the CDPA), and Colorado (the Colorado Privacy Act).

The Ohio Personal Privacy Act generally resembles the privacy laws enacted in California, Virginia, and Colorado, but it more closely aligns with the Virginia CDPA in regards to structure, approach, and language.

Read more on The National Law Review.

OPPA bill text, as introduced: https://search-prod.lis.state.oh.us/solarapi/v1/general_assembly_134/bills/hb376/IN/00/hb376_00_IN?format=pdf

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