Ohio State University averages 10 data breaches per year

Jenny Fogle reports:

With six data breaches in the past year, Ohio State officials are urging students and faculty to help keep private information safe.”Ohio State has been tracking [breaches] for the past three years,” said Charles Morrow-Jones, director of IT Security.

“We’ve been averaging about 10 per year and virtually all of them involve Social Security numbers.”

Of the six recently reported breaches, two were dismissed and four were classified as “minor.”

“I think every single one of [the minor cases] was somebody disposing of an old computer to surplus and they didn’t cleanse all of the information off their computers,” said Catherine Bindewald, director of communications for the Office of the Chief Information Officer. “So they found that the information was made public.”

Read more on The Lantern.

Six in the past year?   We didn’t hear about any of them.  Checking this site, the last OSU breach I had noted was one in June 2009, and that one was also revealed by the same student newspaper.

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  1. Golde - September 30, 2010

    OMG. Doesn’t anyone there understand that even one breach is one too many? I wonder if they would be that casual if they had that many student deaths, rapes or beatings due to their negligence in security measures.
    Have been monitoring OSU for years and am amazed that this university can’t understand it needs to change policies and hire a qualified privacy CPO that also has IT experience. If I had a college age student and this was the only university in the nation, my child would work or go to a community college that understands the word “security.” Look it up OSU- you need to learn this word.

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