OK: Medical records stolen from skincare company

Sharon Phillips reports:

A burglary in south Tulsa has detectives on high alert.

The personal information of more than 400 people is now in the hands of crooks.

It happened at Preferred Skin Solutions near 55th and Lewis, and now officers are concerned about identity theft.

The owners believe the thieves broke in sometime between Tuesday night and Wednesday, and they believe a key may have been used to get in.


The thieves got away with a laptop holding client’s medical records and a CD player.However, no financial records were taken.

“We’ve always made a point that we don’t store anything like that on our laptop, and what we do is take their information one time and then we shred their information,” she says.

“Each time they come in they have to do it all over again and some people may think it’s a pain to do that, but this is obviously a good reason to do it,” says Mkalech.

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It is encouraging to see that a relatively small company made smart security decisions to not store credit card or financial data and that they promptly reached out to their customers. Encrypting the hard drive would also have been a smart move to protect the existing data, particularly if there were any dermatological diagnoses or issues recorded in the files.

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