OK: Ponca City Public Schools Address Cyber Attack

It’s nice to see a school district report that they had a usable backup to restore from following a ransomware attack. Katelyn Ogle reports Ponca City Schools may not be able to restore all of their data, but they are recovering from the attack.

Superintendent Arrott said the district discovered ransomware criminals attacked PowerSchool, the system the district uses to determine schedules, contain information, and keeps parents informed.

“Our PowerSchool data is encrypted. Luckily we had a back-up on an external server that wasn’t online and we are working now to restore PowerSchool.”

Read more on News9. The Superintendent’s message to the community is on YouTube. She does not mention how much ransom had been demanded or what kind of ransomware was involved, but she provided parents and community members with a plain English explanation of what ransomware is and what it did to them and how they can promptly get any new updates.

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