Oklahoma Gov, OMES Confirm Unnamed Agency Hacked, No Ransom Paid

Grant Hermes reports:

Calling it a “catch-22”, Oklahoma state officials declined to release which state agency was discovered to have been attacked by hackers, claiming on Wednesday that releasing the name could compromise the agency further.

Last week, the state director of Oklahoma CyberCommand told a House of Representative committee an agency had been attacked and confirmed the CyberCommand was investigating a “suspicion” the agency was forced to pay a ransom for its data.

However, the investigation revealed that no money had been paid to hackers, according to Tuesday’s joint statement from Governor Mary Fallin’s Office and the Office of Management and Enterprise Services.

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Apparently the agency that was hacked was one of 20 agencies that had not yet complied with a statewide effort to bring all agencies under one cybersecurity umbrella. I bet they come into compliance/sign on now.

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