Oklahoma legislature continues its assault on women's privacy

The Oklahoma legislature continues its attempts to interfere with the private decisions of women as to whether to terminate a pregnancy.    Jurist reports (boldface added by me to point out bills that I firmly believe are privacy intrusive):

The Oklahoma State Senate  voted to approve five anti-abortion bills on Monday, sending three to Governor Brad Henry   for his approval and returning two to the Oklahoma State House of Representatives . The first bill [HB 2526 text, RTF] would prevent “wrongful life” lawsuits in which parents seek damages for a child born with a birth defect because the mother was unable to obtain an abortion. The second bill [HB 2780 text, RTF] would require doctors to conduct a vaginal ultrasound at least one hour prior to an abortion while displaying and explaining the images. The third bill [HB 3075 text, RTF] would require any facility conducting abortions to post a sign stating that it is against the law to be forced to have an abortion. Pending House approval, two additional bills would require a woman to answer 38 questions [HB 3284 text, RTF], including why she is seeking an abortion, and prohibit state health plans from covering elective abortions [HB 3290 text, RTF].

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