One of the Sony hacker’s, @S3rver_exe has been hacked

Well it whats been an eventful day with fair few big things going down, one namely been Sony Pictures facebook and website got hacked. well shortly after one of the hacker @s3rver_exe has has had their twitter account hacked as well. What lead out from the words "skid" to the wrong person has ended up in the account looking like it does below. content/images/gallery/random2/s3rver-exe-s3rver_exe-on-twitter.png The hack has been done by @jewhax some one we have covered before just going under a different name, but we will let u figure that out for your self. you can follow them for now on content/images/gallery/random2/s3rver-exe-s3rver_exe-on-twitter.png So clearly as iit gets, and even stated to us by the other half of the sony hack,

@Cyber_War_News Thats what happens when you use the same password for all your accounts. I will also remind you, I am the other Sony Hacker!

See here for the hacked account, if its still active. So what’s the lesson to be learned for everyone? be smart about what you do and research who u abuse or it may backfire on you.

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