Online security breach at SAH disgruntles many job seekers

Darren Taylor reports:

A reader has informed us that he has been the target of unsolicited emails, texts and telemarketing calls, and claims this is the result of a mishap involving the Sault Area Hospital (SAH) website’s online job application system.

The reader was notified by SAH in a letter dated October 24, 2013 that an accidental privacy breach led to information contained in online applications to SAH being made available through world wide web Google search results.

Resumes and cover letters submitted through a new database on SAH’s website from August 16 to October 2 were accidentally made available to Google because the vendor (the company which designs and hosts SAH’s website) did not enable the database security settings.

The situation was explained, and apologized for, in a letter sent from SAH to affected job applicants.

It is estimated by SAH approximately 500 applicants were affected.


In regard to any of the affected SAH online job applicants receiving unsolicited emails, texts and telemarketing calls as a result of the security breach, Berlinghoff stated: “I have no knowledge of that. I can’t see that being the culprit.”


Looking at the hospital’s application form, it appears that applicants provide their name, phone number, email address, and upload their cover letters and resumes.

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