Oops! Health Insurer Exposes Member Data

Natasha Singer reports:

Earlier this year, OfficeMax became a little too personal with one customer, sending a mailing to a man in Chicago with a street address that, after his own name, inadvertently included information about a family tragedy: “daughter killed in car crash or Current Business.” (An OfficeMax spokesman later blamed a third-party data broker the company had hired for exposure of the intimate information.)

On Monday, in a similar error, some California residents received emails from their health insurer, Anthem Blue Cross, with personal details about them contained in the subject line.


One woman in California, for example, received an email with the following subject line:

Don’t miss out — call your doctor today; PlanState: CA; Segment: Individual; Age: Female Older; Language: EN; CervCancer3yr: N; CervCancer5yr: Y; Mammogram: N; Colonoscopy: N


It is unclear whether the emails sent on Monday will require a breach notification.

Read more on NY Times.

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