Oops x 2: lack of logs confounds thorough breach investigation

The Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation realized that employee information – including SSN and financial information –  was improperly accessible to other employees on its intranet.  But its lack of adequate logging procedures made it impossible for them to determine who may have accessed the data, they report to the New Hampshire Attorney General.

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  1. IA Eng - July 31, 2012

    seems to me that its a coverup. I think they want to save some people. Are they saying that ALL logs are not there? Logs dont come from just the server or device that houses the data. Routers, some switches, other servers and even the workstations have logs. It seems to me that unless ALL logs everywhere are missing or destroyed/erased, its a cover up. It depends on which side, inside or the overall effects of how bad the hack really was. Maybe the hacker erased everything. who knows for sure. or, its an forceful pushback to the government.

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