#OpBlackSummer and #OpIsrael v2 Fake and False Flag Attacks

Over the past week or so i have noticed a great deal of false flag and fake cyber attacks that are coming out/ A lot of these team from dubbed operations and are related the Opblacksummer and Opisrael v2 and have been in the form of data leaks which have been duplicated and repeated to say the least.


The first false flag attack was one that was set up by well known Anti-anonymous activist who uses the handle @Ihazcandy who setup a false leak from the United Services Automobile Association in the form of a personal credentials and data leak that was said to contain financial information from its clients. Well it turns out, and this was exposed by @ihazcandy themselves last week that the attack was setup and planned to cause disruption for OpblackSummer. false1 So as you can see this was setup with intentions and even i feel stupid for falling for it but at the time i did have my doubts as to its validity.

Opisrael v2

The next false or fake leaks have been carried out in the name of Opisrael v2 over the past few days and so far it appears that they are coming from a single lot of hackers who are, from what i can see so far, using already leaked previous israeli based sites, duplicating and mixing up and posting as new leaks. ### False leaks:

Claimed target: Norton-Antivirus.co.il

TeamLHT has stated to me in private that these false leaks were handed to them by another person. > Sorry about the fake leak of Norton Israel the hack was done made by @Th3RedSpy So we never expect that but here is our leak

Well thats about it for now, there has been others but they have not been published and have been totally ignored.

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