Operation anti Security Data Leaks

Well I’m a  bit late but non the less, Anonymous has released a nice package over the last few days. antisec1 As from pastebin.

  1. *) Zimbabwean government dumps
  2. *) Mosman Municipal Council (mosman.nsw.gov.au) dump
  3. *) Universal Music Group Partners dump 1 & 2 containing umusic.com’s user:passwords
  4. and other data
  5. *) Viacom dump containing internal mapping of Viacom and its servers
  6. *) Assorted Brazillian Government dumps and passwords

These leaks come a week after LulzSec has sailed the lulz boat ashore and join forces with Anonymous, it would seem the lizards have been very busy digging away this week. Anonymous Announce all Leaks on there twitter accounts.

A wild leak appears: The Dutch #AntiSecwing presents www.pcicase.nl usernames and passwords: https://bit.ly/jG7lc1 | Thanks @antisecnl A wild leak appears: Here are the Bronkerk.nl usernames and passwords, brought to you by @antisecnl: https://bit.ly/kfcO3y | #AntiSec

Pastebin statement : here Torrent package: here Note: By the time i had woken up and written this blog, it was already leaked everywhere. Hope u enjoy anyway.

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