Operation Venezuela, a insight to why and who by

Operation Venezuelan is a operation being taken on by @SwichSmoke, a team of hackers who consider themselves a part of anonymous. Over the last few weeks they have been attacking the Venezuelan government across many different websites and servers, taking them off and taking vital data and leaking it to the world. When asked what the reasons behind the attacks are they say it comes down to the corruption of the government and President Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias, the fear the general public has of speaking out for them self’s, if they do they fear being jailed. @swichSmoke makes it clear that they are not scared or fearful. that these attacks will go on 24/7 until *""Message" freedom of expression Venezuela people and Fewer people chained", * They will only target Government companies/websites and anything closely related to it, in recent attacks they have done places like the company of President Chavez, which they plan for a data release next week some time, and also some other big operations are in plan. They have also stated they will only dump the more important data, that they are not using basic tools or simple ddos, and that they are not children out for fun. You can see the Operations website and history of attacks here Now, As you can see anyone can be anonymous, anyone can join, as they say, if u want to be anonymous, u just joined.

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