#OpFreePalestine continues to hack Israeli sites

Anti-Israeli  cyberattacks continue.  Although I have not noted all previous attacks on this blog, in Pastebin releases over the past two days, data from a number of Israeli web sites have been dumped:

From TopLinks: 56 advertisers’ links with the admin/MD5 password for KRNEWS

From Bar-Ilan University Geography and Environment Department: 36 names, e-mail addresses, and SHA1 passwords

From Israel Institute of Technology (Cancer and Vascular Biology Research Center): 160 names, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, passwords, birthdates, ID numbers, and usernames

From NBN (Nefesh B’Nefesh):  594 names, postal addresses, SHA1 passwords, and e-mail addresses. A dump of e-mails was mostly about people signing up for meetings or workshops.

From ILAN: two admin logins with encrypted (MD5) passwords were dumped with credit card numbers described as “Admin Credit Card for Renewals.”

From SNIP: the site manager’s username and encrypted password.


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