#OpFreePalestine first attack, 4 Colombian Government websites

content/images/gallery/opfreepalestine/hacked-by-trick-teamp0ison-operation-free-palestine.png OpFreePalestine which was started by TeaMp0isoN (full press release article here) has started in full, leaving four websites that are owned by the Colombian Dovernment defaced. The defacement which can still be seen on https://galeriasantafe.gov.co/ featured a clear message to the Colombian government, to stop selling fire arms to Israel, "feeding the forces" Websites Defaced:

Message in the attack:

4 Columbian Government websites Hacked – #OpFreePalestine Reason: Purchasing arms from Israel, feeding the forces that traumatize the people of Palestine! Boycott IsraHELL!

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