OpFreePalestine Still Attacking Sites, BNSL India’s Biggest Telecom Hacked

content/images/gallery/opfreepalestine/c7booter.png Now this is a bit confusing to say the least, as to why Indian websites have been attacked in the operation, but none the less it shows lack of security across more websites once again.

www.kgsgbank.co.in/ www.indiatvnews.com/ www.sail.co.in www.tfkolkata.bsnl.co.in punjab.bsnl.co.in

The attacks come from csevenbooter and all dumps vary from full username/password lists to database info and single admin logins. As you can see in the list of attacked sites, Indian telecom giant BNSL was hacked and had a load of user and administration accounts leaked online, sadly the BNSL leak contains clear text passwords. Other sites such a the India news and a sailing website was also attacked. See the list of sites here We are waiting to hear back why these sites have been attacked.

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