#OpIran Engineering Website farapayeh.ir hacked, rooted, defaced and data leaked by @s3rverexe

content/images/gallery/opiran/server.png @s3rverexe has been at it again probing around servers, finding what he can then leaving his mark on it. content/images/gallery/opiran/server.png The latest attack is on an Iran based website that is a self claimed website for Top engineering teams. @S3rverexe has claimed to of hacked the server, which is true as you can see from the defacing and the data leaked as well as this he states he has control of the server (rooted). content/images/gallery/opiran/server.png The hack has been carried out in the name of the recent #OpIran by anonymous hackers and the data leaked has been dumped on pastebin. https://ozdc.net/dumps.php?dump=595 https://pastebin.com/TWLXRLRa

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