OpIsrael: Anonymous Hacks Israeli Arms Importer Website, Leaks Thousands of Login Data

Waqas writes:

Online hacktivist Anonymous has breached into an Israeli gun shop website (lhbltd.com) and leaked login credentials plus personal details of its local and international customers, including some government officers.

The leaked data files have been divided and pasted in three different parts on Pastie sites for #OpIsrael.

After analyzing the data we found out that data seems to be legit and never been leaked in past. The files contain site’s complete database, IP addresses, IDs, emails, addresses, usernames, personal phone numbers and customer titles.

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The leaked files are only the latest in an ongoing campaign that formally began on April 7, as a search of Pastebin for “OpIsrael” shows. DataBreaches.net will not be linking to all the pastes nor repeating all the claimed hacks because frankly, there’s no way for this site to do a good job of trying to verify all the claims as to where any leaked data came from. Then too, linking to leaked personal information is something this site generally does not do unless this site has already repeatedly attempted to get an entity to respond to breach claims to protect its users or customers.

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