#OpIsrael Attack Updates 20+ further sites hacked

join-us If you have not heard it by now, hacktivist from all around the globe are taking sights to Israel for the recent air raids and attacks on gaza strip. The amount of sites that are being defaced are mounting up very fast with at least another 19 sites over the past few days have ended up being defaced by various hackers and groups. ( see gallery for images/proof of attacks) 1. portfolio.kuchi.co.il/mla.html
2. maritayin.kuchi.co.il/mla.html
3. royal.kuchi.co.il/mla.html
4. mailer.kuchi.co.il/mla.html
5. jetro.kuchi.co.il/mla.html
6. lifewave.allbiz.co.il
7. yanivphoto.allbiz.co.il amutabj.kuchi.co.il/mla.html
8. anatevka.kuchi.co.il/mla.html
9. 5-nagarim.kuchi.co.il/mla.html
10. https://www.israel-tour-guide.com/
11. https://smart-invoice.co.il/
12. https://shor-security.co.il/
13. https://iii.co.il/
14. https://audiostore.co.il/
15. https://www.gazellejewelry.co.il/
16. https://start2move.co.il/
17. https://sigalvardi.co.il/
18. https://facepro.co.il/
19. https://gina-li.co.il/

Some recent sites that have been taken offline are 1. slimfitstudio.co.il
2. hoffen.co.il
3. mobisec.co.il
4. gov.il

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