#OpIsrael Still Attacking, Leaking Data & Taking Down Sites

opisrael The last few weeks has been pretty full on for Israel cyber space with hackers from all over the world standing together and fighting the governments for air strikes on Gaza strip which has been killing civilians. The first week or so of the operation was intense with hundreds of sites being hacked and left either defaced or data leaked or just not accessible and even deleted databases. However since then there has been a cease fire from within anonymous hacktivist but that didn’t last to long as more Israel sites are still being hacked each day. One of the biggest/most critical leaks this week so far have been from the IAEA – International Atomic Energy Agency Servers (https://www-nds.iaea.org/) with documents and information being leaked via pastebin and anonfiles. Some of the other latest sites that have been hacked is the Israeli wcites server which that breach has seen over 20,000 user credentials leaked, Another site that got breached just this week is the Israeli trade center with about 194 accounts being leaked. Further data from https://www.unitycoalitionforisrael.org has also been leaked as apart of #Opleak. Another hacker using the handle slumber has dumped 5,543 accounts from Israel but has not stated which server/site the data has come from. A hacker from turkey named Maxney has also leaked data but this is in protest of the attacks on Israel by other hackers. The data leaked by Maxney comes from Acer India and contains a lot of user and staff information as well as client receipts and other documents. Some recent sites to be taken offline are police.­gov.­il – still down marocana.co.il – still down barshmelo.allbiz.co.il – still down aviv-hitech.allbiz.co.il – still down multi-lock.allbiz.co.il – still down parket.allbiz.co.il – still down wooden-horse-toys.co.il It appears all the sub domains of allbiz.co.il got breached and were still effected from what i checked, was not going to check each and every. Teamr00t has been defacing some sites again with one more added to the list for opisrael. https://www.iqshy.co.il/ – still defaced Another user from ZHC has attacked 80 Israel sites and left a common message, at time of publishing all sites had been restored but a mirror can be found here and full list of sites can be found here. Complete gallery of all downed sites, banners and other related information. Full list of sites with breaches for opisrael can be found on ozdc.net Anything i may of missed from the passed week please contact me.

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