Opitaly tango down wycliffe.nsw.edu.au and leaks another database.

Just few other tango downs, this is said to be part of Opitaly, ill look into this operation further, or if anyone involved could contact that would be great. Seems they have been targeting https://wycliffe.nsw.edu.au/ which has been going down alot, this connected to to the bayer.it attacks as well. From AntiDNews

TANGO DOWN – https://t.co/0FLgm1H – @LulzSecItalia @AnonymousIRC @anonops_live @YourAnonNews #opitaly #globalrevolution STAY TUNED and RT TANGO DOWN – Parte dei dati prelevati da www.capif.org.arhttps://t.co/r7gSVa2 @anonops_live @LulzSecItalia #opitaly #italianrevolution RT RT

More information to come.

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