OpPayPal, day two the effects

Well still going flat out strong Anonymous Operation PayPal is doing damage, with word of over 35k accounts deleted(from the word on twitter) this is a peaceful protest so its really amazing how much attention the world is giving to this. First of all if you do not know what its about, Read here, and check here for day 1 results, Now lets start with day two, there has been a crazy amount of support for this operation with pretty much every single person who supports anonymous or hates or dislikes paypal have joined up and canceled accounts. Now this isn’t just effecting paypal, the stock market is all over the place, its bigger sister EBAY is dropping and GOOGLE has taken a dip as well, Surprising AMAZON has seen a raise. This proves that Social media is by far the most powerful tool that one can have, It connects, it lets us speak free and lets us take action, but sadly, even twitter has joined the censorship game and yesterday came and removed the #opPayPal #hashtag from trending world wide. Now lets look at these stock charts….. content/images/gallery/oppaypal/nasdaq-ebay-33-36-1-06-3-08-ebay-inc.png Some notable tweets:

AnonymousIRC AnonymousIRC Final Standing: 33.36 -1.06 (-3.08%) That’s about lost in share value | Thanks, Mateys! | Who won? | #OpPayPal #AntiSec AnonymousIRC AnonymousIRC Received some more information: At least 35.000 PayPal accounts have been closed today, likely much more to come. Proud of you! #OpPayPal AnonymousIRC AnonymousIRC Yes, it seems @PayPal has taken down the online site to close accounts (orly? how lame!). Well, cancel by phone: +1-888-221-1161 | #OpPayPal

Note: I do not normally follow stocks at all, infact i have no interest in this. just funny to see it drop 🙂

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