OpPayPal making an effect already

Anonymous Operation paypal is getting a massive response, the operation which is towards paypal for possibly taking action on an anonymous hacker and for the banning of wikileaks donations. Over the past few hours there has been massive interest in this, with people shutting down accounts, the stock market actually dropping, and overall all the people who paypal and ebay have lost now….its in the thousands, not to mention the amount of money they will be loosing. Its also come down to paypal has now for most people block being able to delete you’re account, and u must call them, also @wikileaks joined in RT, and showing support to thousands of users and its the 3rd top trending topic worldwide…. With more and more users coming forward we are sure to see these giants loose billions….This is going to be big look at the effect its got on its bigger brother EBAY content/images/gallery/oppaypal/nasdaq-ebay-33-48-0-94-2-73-ebay-inc.png content/images/gallery/oppaypal/nasdaq-ebay-33-48-0-94-2-73-ebay-inc.png anyway check these out, some stuff for the future. Remember, this is protest has included no hacking, official press release

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